6+ Best Money Making Apps, No Capital & Can Be Liquidated


Increase income using money making apps is now increasingly trending in the community. The way it works is simple and can be done without capital, making this application the target of many people.

Not a few are now relying on their fate to earn money through real money making apps. Starting from those who are still waiting for a call to work, students, to those who are working also take advantage of the application to earn money.

Even though it’s popular like money making games, you must be careful when using this application. Because, a lot scam mode, hiding in it.

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Best Money Making Apps

1. Neo+ APK

Neo+ APK is the first moneymaking application that ApkVenue recommends for you. You can use this application to open a savings account and save some money.

In the form of digital savings, Neo+ is very popular in various circles. Actually, it is not only known for its shape, but also for the services that consumers can use to increase their income.

In addition, the application that generates balances to this account is also safe. NEO+ is made by a banking company, namely Bank Neo Commerce, so it’s definitely safe.

DetailsNeobank: BNC digital bank, online savings
DeveloperDigital Banking, Bank Neo Commerce
Minimal Android4.4 and above
Rating3.8/5.0 (Google Play)

2. TikTok

As an entertainment medium as well as social media, TikTok is very popular. Many people use the application for fun while “killing time” to spend free time.

Even so, did you know that you can also use TikTok to earn money? Yep! TikToK APK can be the best means to make money.

The trick is to increase the number of followers and viewers, gang. In addition, you are also required to actively create interesting content.

If everything is fulfilled, you can enter the ranks of the Indonesian TikTok creator community. So, the opportunity to earn up to hundreds of millions will be wide open.

DetailsSnack Videos
DeveloperJoyo Technology Pte. Ltd.
Minimum OS4.3 and up
Rating4.6 / 5.0 (Google Play Store)

>>> Download TikTok is here <<<

3. Snack Videos

This app is TikTok-like apps. Through this application, you can also watch various short and funny videos easily.

The difference is, on TikTok you have to be a creator, to get money from this money making apps without PayPal, you have to watch various videos and invite friends to join Snack Video.

If you succeed, you will get coins. Later, you can exchange these coins into real money. You can withdraw to e-wallets.

DetailsSnack Videos
DeveloperJoyo Technology Pte. Ltd.
Minimum OS4.3 and up
Rating4.6 / 5.0 (Google Play Store)

>>> Download Snack Video here <<<

4. CashPop

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The next recommended moneymaking application is CashPop. The app created by CashPop allows you to earn money by watching videos and inviting friends. Similar to Snack Videos.

Apart from that, you can also earn money through the various games provided, gang. Unfortunately, the collection games in CashPop not much.

Every time you collect points from the mission, you can withdraw them to your account, e-wallet, or exchange them directly into shopping vouchers.

Minimum OSAndroid 4.2 and above
Ratings (Google Play)4.6/5.0

>>> Download CashPop here <<<

5. AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards

AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards is also included in the ranks of official and no-deposit money making apps. This application is useful for those of you who want to earn extra income in a fun way.

For example, by watching videos, registering an account in an application that is there, filling out surveys, shopping, and so on.

If one of the tasks has been done, you will get a commission. There are small and large commissions, depending on the level of work being done.

Later, you can withdraw the commission from the moneymaking application to the account to PayPal or Amazon.

DetailsCashKarma Rewards: Gift Cards & Scratch Cards
Minimum OSAndroid 4.3 and above
Ratings (Google Play)4.4/5.0

>>> Download AppKarma rewards & Gift Cards here <<<

6. ClipClaps

ClipClaps APK is an Android money making app. You can download this APK on the Play Store. However, not yet available on iOS

Just by watching videos like on TikTok and Snack Video you can earn money for free from there.

Besides, if you want to increase your income, that’s enough boom like all available content only. Then, your commission will increase. Tempting, isn’t it?

DeveloperGrand Channel Entertainment Ltd
Minimum OSAndroid 5.0 and above
Size90 MB
Ratings (Google Play)4.4/5.0

>>> Download ClipClaps on Play Store <<<

List of Best & Safe Money Making Apps

The following is a collection of recommendations for moneymaking applications that you can use. This application can be used for students, housewives, and workers.

  • Neo+ APK
  • TikTok
  • Snack Videos
  • CashPop
  • AppKarma Rewards & Gift Cards
  • ClipClaps

The final word

That was the recommendation for the best and halal 2022 moneymaking application, aka safe to use. All the applications that ApkVenue shared earlier are available on the Google Play Store, iOS, and some are supervised by the OJK. So, you just need to download it.

For those of you who want to increase your income or fill the confusion with useful things, you must download the APK, yes.

Instead of playing games or just lying at home, it’s better to do activities that can benefit you. So good luck and best regards always!