7 Easy Tips – How To Deal With Boss Who Doesn’t Like You


How To Deal With Boss Who Doesn’t Like You – Have you ever felt like everything you do always look wrong in the eyes of your boss? Feel like your presence here isn’t liked by him? Finally, you have time to think about resigning and finding another job. But still hesitant for fear of not being able to find a better job.

Anxiety resigns for this reason is not uncommon for many workers. Especially if salaries, duties, and friendships in the office are comfortable. Of course the decision to leave the office is something that is very unfortunate.

Well, instead of you worrying and stressing about resigning, try to follow some of the following ways so that you still feel at home working even if your boss does not like you.

How To Deal With Boss Who Doesn’t Like You

Communicating Well

Difficult bosses must be faced with good communication, such as micromanager and workaholic bosses. Because, the type of boss often makes subordinates feel pressured because they are too interfered with affairs and give tasks that accumulate.

If you are assigned several tasks at the same time, you can explain that you are completing the task that was first assigned.

Arranging Regular Meetings

Arranging regular meetings is a way to deal with bosses who often get out of hand. Like handing over the job in full to subordinates, then hands off to the job. In some cases, this may look positive.

However, if the boss is really hands off it will certainly make subordinates confused in completing the task.

Therefore, you must take the initiative to arrange a meeting so that the work can be completed properly, even if the boss is hands off.

Focus on work

No matter how bad you are with your boss, remember that you came here to work and complete the task well in order to get paid. As long as you don’t break the rules, then you don’t have to worry too much. By focusing on your own performance, you can be promoted to the position or other benefits.

Be Patient and Be Professional

As long as what your boss doesn’t cross the line, try to remain patient and professional. Don’t swear or curse him with harsh words.

Limit Contacts

Limit contact with superiors only to discuss about work. Avoid conversations that have been fixed into personal matters with your boss, such as stories about your family, your difficulties, and others.

Keep Respecting Your Boss

However, he is your boss and try to respect him both from his attitude and from the decisions he takes.

Including in how your professional attitude, then respect is also included. You shouldn’t act and be bad to your boss even if you have a problem with your boss.

Show your maturity, especially when it comes to carrying out office work tasks. If you can be mature then this problem should be solved faster and hope your boss will quickly solve the problem with you.

Don’t Refuse the Task Given by The Boss

Although you two are involved in problems that cause your boss to dislike you, but do not let your task be rejected and don’t do it.

Do not reply to the bad attitude of the boss to the task given by the office to you. Do not choose the task assigned and carry out it like there are no events or problems that you are facing.

Get rid of existing problems and prove from the job given by the boss will be better than other fellow employees to show your professional attitude.

Remember, you work in a company and not work for one person. So what you respect is the company where you work, not just to your boss.