5 Easy tips – How To Deal With Over Friendly Neighbors


We all have one neighbor who is good, but overreaching. Over friendly neighbors sometimes make you nervous and don’t know how to deal with it.

To solve the problem, here are some tips on how to deal with over friendly neighbors.

How To Deal With Over Friendly Neighbors

Keep your conversations short

If you know that your neighbors have a penchant for deep conversations and they are acting too kind, keep your conversations short.

Don’t provide information that will prolong the conversation. And, be polite.

Excuse yourself after a few minutes with an excuse, like “I have to go somewhere” or “I have to Zoom Meeting with the boss”.

Reschedule conversations

You’re not in the mood to talk to them? It’s fine and normal. Because, you do have to live close to them, occasionally you may have to take time and chat.

So, when they ring the bell, you can not open the door at all and say you’re busy. Or, you can greet them and say that you are busy. Set back the right time for the two of you to chat.

Discuss with roommates or family

When you reason, your roommate, partner, or parents should be in sync.

So, tell them what you’re talking about so that when an over friendly neighbor asks you a question or mentions your lie in front of the rest of the house, they can understand the situation.

Avoid exchanging food

Some neighbors have a habit of baking and cooking something and bringing it to their neighbors. This action is actually sweet when done once or twice. But sometimes it turns annoying.

Plus, if you don’t like them that way, then it’s important to prevent this habit.

Be respectful because it’s a sweet attitude that you happen to not like.

Give a hint

When you’re stuck in an unavoidable conversation, quietly give a hint that you’re not a sociable or a very social person.

Share a little of your schedule and show them how crowded it is, maybe it will help them understand and reduce it.

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