DIY Wind Chime

10 | DIY Wind Chime – The bell is a symbol, sign or warning when it is rung. Wind chimes are bells that can be used as house bells as well as decorations. Various materials from glass, metal, aluminum, wood, bamboo, ceramic, and cans that can produce sound when they collide can be created into this one ornament.

In addition to functioning as ornaments, wind chimes or wind chimes are believed to be objects that bring good luck to the residents of the house. Whether it’s a fact or a myth, what is certain is that the tinkling sound sounds melodious when blown by the wind.

To get the beautiful sound, we can make our own quite easily. Here’s how to make it.

DIY Wind Chime

DIY wind chimes bamboo

To make it from bamboo, simply split the bamboo into four parts of the desired length. The bamboo is sanded and can be varnished and then dried. Punch a hole in the top of each bamboo strip with nails, then tie a string through each hole separately. Once all the pieces are tied with separate strings, join the ropes by tying them together and hanging them in front of the door.

How to make wind chimes from bottles and cans

From other materials, we can easily collect some used bottle caps from cans. Cut a hole in each bottle cap of a soy sauce or soda bottle, then tie it on mattress string or kite string.

Make several chains that are evenly spaced, then join them by tying the tops of the lids of milk cans that are slightly wide and have been perforated around the edges for spaced ties. Make a hole in the center of the can and tie it, then hang it on the part of the house that is often blown by the wind.

Wind chimes from glass

For clappers made of glass, they are simply made of glass with a hole in the bottom for bonding. It is more beautiful and beautiful with this material if you have the same glass. Hang the glass material like a pendulum, then tie it to hang on it.

You can hang marbles, mini glasses, or glass decorations as bells. Make several, and arrange them close together so that when the wind blows they will produce beautiful notes when they clash.

Ceramic wind chimes

The same goes for ceramic materials. Gather some small decorations from ceramic material and tie them with a thin ribbon or nylon thread. Make several decorations in one rope. Unite the top with other ties, can be helped with sticks to hang neatly. Through homemade creations, we can practice skills and can be a sweet gift for close friends who remind us when they sound.