CRI English: Xinjiang Travel Quiz

Situated in China’s northwestern border region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is the largest autonomous region in China. Renowned for its diversified tourism resources, Xinjiang is widely known as the hometown of singing and dancing, various fruits and precious stones.

To help more people learn about Xinjiang, the Information Office of the local government of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and China Radio International will jointly hold an online knowledge contest on Xinjiang for two months starting from August 1.

So don’t wait to prepare and be quick to join the contest. You could win a big prize!

Contest dates: August 1-October 31

Rules and regulations: The contest is composed of two sections–online Q&As and a few words of your own about Xinjiang. The online Q&As will include eight questions. All those who give correct answers to the Q&As followed by his or her comments on Xinjiang will be eligible to win a big prize. A list of winners will be published on CRI

First prize: Fifteen people will be awarded Xinjiang sheepskin shawls.
Second prize: Thirty people will be awarded embroidered Xinjiang bags.
Third prize: Fifty people will be awarded Xinjiang gift items.

Notice: CRI reserves the right to make final selections during the contest.

Xinjiang Impression

CRI English: Xinjiang Travel Quiz 1Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region covers over 1,600,000 square kilometers, one-sixth of China’s total territory, making it China’s largest province. In Xinjiang tourists can visit the world-famous Yardang Spectacle, stone forests, enjoy the mystery of the desert with its spectacular sand mountains. The ancient Silk Road brought Xinjiang a mix of eastern and western cultures which left behind stunning relics. Today, those ancient cities, caves, temples and tombs attract countless tourists from home and abroad.

Travel in Xinjiang
Xinjiang Cuisine
The Cuisine of Xinjiang is the food of the Uyghurs, known for cooking fiery lamb kebabs and homemade noodles. As Uyghurs are Sunni Muslim Turks, the food is predominantly halal.
Climate in Xinjiang
Xinjiang is far away from the ocean with the mountains all around that forms the temperate continental climate. The sunshine time is as long as 2,500 -3,500 hours a year. Low precipitation and dry is another characteristic.

Lake Kanas, which means “beautiful, rich and mysterious” in Mongolian, has several great sights, which add charm and mystery to this lake, and attract swarms of tourists from home and abroad.


CRI English: Xinjiang Travel Quiz 2Turpan is praised as the ‘Hometown of Grapes’ and the Grape Valley is a good place to enjoy the grapes of hundreds of varieties. Apart from that, the locals are quite fond of sand therapy which has a history of hundreds of years in Turpan.


Ili is located in the heart of Central Asia. The Tianshan Mountains, the Altai Mountains, the Poluokenu Mountains, the Junggar Basin and the Monglkvre-Tekes Basin make up the main landforms of Ili, along with the Ili River, the Erqis River and their valleys.

Charming Xinjiang

CRI English: Xinjiang Travel Quiz 3

Xinjiang Songs and Dances

Always cheerful and always lively, songs and dances of Xinjiang will always bring you great joy. “Singing and dancing”are integral parts of the local life. “Aken Aytes” is a kind of folk performing art of Kazak ethnic minority group. “Aken” means a folk singer in Kazak language. Mukamu is the refined Classic music of the Uygur Ethnic Minority group and is the local name for large music suite. It is a gem in the music treasure created by the Uygur people and is regarded as the Pearl of Oriental Music.

Visit the Questions of the Quiz here.

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