RTI 88th Birthday Greeting Competition

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RTI has turned 88 and they are inviting you to send them a creative birthday greeting! Sign up now to take part in their competition and win a cash prize.

RTI 88th Birthday Greeting Competition Entrance requirements

Anyone from anywhere in the world can take part!

RTI 88th Birthday Greeting Competition schedule: (according to Taipei local time)

  1. Submit your entry between now and July 10, 2016.
  2. Winners will be announced on August 15, 2016.

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How to take part RTI 88th Birthday Greeting Competition

  1. Fill out the online registration form and upload your entry. You must attach a link or a picture if you share the RTI page on social media platforms with the words “Radio Taiwan International.”
  2. If you are unable to register online, please send your entry together with your basic information (name, nationality, country of residence, which RTI language service you listen to and contact email) to rti88th@gmail.com or mail it to: RTI, 55 Bei An Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City.
  3. Website: http://events.rti.org.tw/big5/2016Activity/2016rti88/en.aspx
  4. Entry form:
    Country of residence  
    RTI language service listened to  
    Link for sharing

File specification

  1. Photos .jpg file of between 1MB and 25MB.
  2. Video No longer than 15 seconds, in avi, wmv, mpeg or mov format.
  3. Sound files No longer than 15 seconds, in wma or mp3 format.
RTI 88th Birthday Greeting Competition
RTI 88th Birthday Greeting Competition (Image: RTI)

RTI 88th Birthday Greeting Competition Prizes

  1. 3 First Prizes, judged by RTI’s panel who will allocate points based on presentation (50%) and creativity (50%).
  2. 20 Social Media Prizes, for entrants who share their entry on a social media site with the hashtag RTI88th.
  3. 25 Participation Prizes, drawn from among all participants who successively submitted an entry.

The Most Creative Prize

  1. The First Prize US$250 for 1 winner.
  2. The Second Prize US$150 for 1 winner.
  3. The Third Prize US$100 for 1 winner.

The Social Media Prize

  1. Power Bank for 1 winner
  2. Neck Pillow – Drop-horse knot for 1 winner
  3. mobile phone Amplifier for 3 winners.
  4. Screen Cleaner for 5 winners
  5. Passport holder for 10 winners

The prize for taking part

  1. Jadeite Cabbage Keychain for 1 winner
  2. Pottery key rings for 3 winners
  3. Pocket USB for 10 winners
  4. Mini Clip Set for 1 winner
  5. National Treasure Pen for 10 winners

RTI 88th Birthday Greeting Competition Notes

  1. Only original works are accepted. Participants who copy, plagiarize, or misappropriate other people’s designs or infringe on the intellectual property rights of others will be liable for any legal consequences derived from the misuse of contents. The organizer reserves the right to annul the eligibility of entrants and retract the cash prize.
  2. In submitting to the competition, entrants agree to grant the organizer a royalty-free and permanent license to reproduce, revise, edit, and publish the submitted material and to transfer the works to a third party for use in published materials and on the competition website.
  3. By entering the competition, participants fully and unconditionally agree to be bound by the competition terms and conditions. If entrants and their works do not meet the requirements of the competition terms and conditions, the organizer reserves the right to annul the eligibility of entrants and retract the cash prize.
  4. The organizer is not liable for any loss of, or damage to, entries sent by post; submitted entries will not be returned to contestants.
  5. Any changes to the competition schedule and terms will be announced on the competition website. The organizer reserves the right to modify the terms of or terminate the competition.
  6. By submitting personal information, entrants are seen as having provided written consent and the organizer will preserve and protect the information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.
  7. Entrants agree to allow the organizer to use their personal information for communication and providing information about the competition.
  8. Prize money is subject to tax deductions in line with Taiwan’s tax laws. For non-ROC citizens, the deduction will be 20% of the total amount.
  9. Prize money will be remitted according to the US dollar exchange rate on the date of remittance.
  10. RTI will pay the remittance cost for banks within Taiwan. If other charges apply, these are to be borne by the recipient.
  11. Prize recipients must fill out a receipt and provide RTI with photocopies of identity documents.
  12. The organizer is not liable for any delay, missending, loss of or damage to the prize money or prizes due to recipients providing inaccurate information.

Source: RTI Public Relations Office by email

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