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Water – it’s the theme of our competition here at Radio Slovakia International. Every month, you will learn something about the water in Slovakia. In every round there is a question to be answered. If you have a taste to join the game, just write down the correct answer. Not only could you become the winner of the round, but you could also win the main price. It is a week holiday for two people in the water world of thermal pools wellness and treatments from Thermal Park Beše?ová. Before you enter the game – two notes: the journey to Slovakia is paid by the winner and listeners with permanent residency in Slovakia can not compete.

When you ask people in the Slovak travel industry, what this country lacks the most the answer is invariably: the sea. The closest sea is some 900km away. This is the main reason for the why in recent times there has been upspring in water parks in Slovakia. It is to one of these parks we take you now. It is Aqua City in Poprad, located in the High Tatras. Marketing spokesperson Jan Profant explains the importance of the location on the water in Aqua City:

”The water we use here comes from the High Tatras. The water spends about 15 thousand years filtering through the mountains. It is from this process that the water gains its beneficial properties which help people with their health problems and to relax. That is why we have visitors both from the local area and from further afield.

The complex in Poprad uses millions of litres of water annually – they have over 3400 square meters of pool space. This doesn’t include the waterslides, bars – but signs in seven languages will help you navigate your way around. Exactly how many litres of water they use every year is anyone’s guess, but they do know everything about the quality of their water. Aqua City won a World Travel award two years in a row for being the ecologically friendliest and for taking care of their surroundings.

We have vitality center beside the pool`s relax, we have saunas and rooms for herbal and flower treatments. And an extraordinary experience is trip to our snow cave. It is good for cooling your skin and for circulation and to recharge your batteries. We have also offer wide spectrum of massages and you can even get a Thai massage from actual Thai masers to help relax your body. In addition we also offer accommodation.

Plans for the future include tropical gardens, beaches and an artificial ocean complete with a wave pool. They have over 1 million visitors from around the world per year.

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And now is time for our question:

What award did Aqua City Poprad win both last year and the year before?

You can e-mail your answers to us on or you can send them by post to:

English Section
Radio Slovakia International
Mytna 1
PO Box 55
81755 Bratislava

You have until the 31st May to send in your answers.

The main prize is sponsored by the Slovak Tourist Board.
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