NHK WORLD TV Program Monitors April-September 2010

1. Monitor Qualifications

Monitor should:
(1) live outside Japan and be able to watch NHK WORLD TV;
(2) be aged 18 or older;
(3) be able to communicate in e-mails in English;
(4) be able to write monitor reports in English; and
(5) have a bank account which can receive money transfer made in Yen, U.S. Dollars, Euros, or Pound Sterling.

Please note that:

* those who watch only parts of NHK WORLD TV programs on NHK WORLD PREMIUM, TV JAPAN, NHK WORLD Internet Service or MHz Worldview, etc. are not eligible to become monitors;
* only one person per one household is eligible to apply for only one category of NHK WORLD monitors. (There are NHK WORLD TV Program Monitors and NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN Program Monitors, as well as NHK WORLD Technical Monitors for which currently there is no public invitation for application. Therefore, if you are applying for NHK WORLD TV Program Monitor, you are asked to refrain from applying for NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN Program Monitor. Additionally, other family members of yours, whether your wife or sibling etc., is asked to refrain from applying for any of the NHK WORLD monitors.)

2. What are Monitors requested to do?

Monitors are requested to watch in principle four (4) programs specified by NHK per calendar month, write their comments and opinions on such programs in English (300~400 words), and send the report to NHK by e-mail.

3. Monitoring Period:

For six(6) months from April 1, 2010 (Thursday) till September 30, 2010 (Thursday)

4. Remuneration

Monitor will be paid the remuneration of 3,000 Japanese Yen per each Monitoring Form submitted.

5. Application MethodNH

Please read the Outline of the Work of NHK WORLD TV Monitors carefully. Then please fill in the mail form below to make an application. You are requested to choose one of the designated programs and write your comments and opinions on that program.
The Application Form is here

6. Application Period

From January 15, 2010 (Friday) till 11:00 (UTC) February 12, 2010 (Friday).

7. Notification of Result

The appointment of Monitors will be made after a close examination of the Application Form. A notice informing the result will be sent by e-mail in early March, 2010.

8. On Handling of Personal Data/Information

Any personal data/information received at the time of application shall be used only for the purpose of Monitor selection and related matters. It shall be carefully handled and never revealed to third parties. For more details about NHK’s policy on handling of personal data/information, please access

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