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Helping undiscovered talent to make a world debut
” Digital Stadium,” also known as “Digista” is a TV program that invites artists to submit a wide range of digital art works for judging, comments, and advising from leading professionals active in the field. Digista is dedicated to supporting and nurturing young artists and thereby helping to create a new visual culture for the digital era.
One of the special features of the program is a kind of reverse selection process whereby applicants get to choose the professional artists who will act as “curators” on the show.
Applicants submit their work to a specific member of the curatorial team, whose names are announced in advance via the program web site or on the program itself. The curators then judge the designated artworks, strictly yet kindly, from their professional viewpoint.
Curators choose a “best work of the week” from among the submissions, thereby granting it entry to the Digital Stadium or “Hall of Fame” cherished by all the young artists who apply. Each winner’s name is forever engraved in the Stadium.

Go for the DIGISTA Grand Prize!
The “DIGISTA Awards” are held once a year to select the year’s best works from among those admitted to the Digital Stadium.
After the best works of each category have been selected, judges decide on one work to receive the Grand Prize. Who knows which artist will be the winner of this year’s coveted Grand Prize?
The program is presented by two hosts.
One is NHK commentator Hide Nakaya, who assumes the role of program Navigator. Nakaya is known as the person who designed NHK’s famous egg-shaped logo. Responsible for commentary across the fields of the arts, culture and the digital world, Nakaya supplies us throughout the program with the latest information on digital art.
TV announcer Mayuko Ishii serves as the program MC. Well-known through her appearances on various news programs, Ishii helps out the artists with her concise comments and warm advice.

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Digista, now on the air every week
Digista is being aired from 24:00 to 24:30 every Friday on NHK BS2 and every Sunday 25:00-25:29 on Hi-Vision. (Rebroadcast:Thursday 14:30-14:59)
Visit our program website at :

Contact : 150-8001 2-2-1 Jinnan Shibuya-ku, Tokyo JAPAN NHK “Digital Stadium” Office

If you want to know about NHK, visit the following site : (English)

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