New Zealand’s ZLXA 3935 Goes Silent

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New Zealands ZLXA 3935 Goes Silent

New Zealand shortwave station, ZLXA of the
Radio Reading Service, is about to permanently sign off the air.

In fact, it has already been silent since December 1 2008 and, as the
following message from Kelvin Brayshaw [QSL Manager] to Radio Heritage Foundation says, the
chances of it returning, except for a last special broadcast for
DXers, are very unlikely.

Subject: Radio Reading Service -ZLXA 3935 kHz
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 15:44:53 +1300
From: Kelvin Brayshaw
To: Radio Heritage Foundation

“I’m sorry to have to tell you that, in all probability,  the
shortwave service of the Radio Reading Service will soon be
ZLXA,  3935kHz,  has been in abeyance since 1st December 2008 pending
the result of a listener survey and the consideration of

The final outcome is expected to be advised following deliberations
by management at the first board meeting of the year – probably in

I feel there will be members of SWL groups who might appreciate an
opportunity to log this transmitter one last time during the northern
winter,  and I’m sure that if you were to make a special request on
behalf of shortwave listeners, RRS management would,  in a continuing
spirit of goodwill,  consider marking an event of such significance
to the worldwide DX community by resuming transmission for a brief

In the meantime Radio Reading Service programmes are streaming on the

73 & Best DX
Kelvin Brayshaw
QSL Manager”

(Resource: Radio Heritage Foundation)

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