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A new Radio Heritage Foundation documentary looking back at how new radio stations signed on the air in New Zealand since the 1970’s can be heard as audio on demand from RNZI for the Mailbox program of January 25 2009 at

Featuring many recordings of announcements and jingles, the program includes Radio Hauraki starting its first legal broadcast on 1480, a promotional program with rare jingles from 1XI Radio i 1590, jingles  from Radio Avon 1290, Radio Otago 1210, Radio 1XX 1240, and jingles and announcements from several new FM stations in Hamilton and Whangarei as well as a zany wake up special from long time DJ Muzza  Inglis on a long gone Auckland FM station.
The program explores how early private radio in New Zealand promised to serve local communities, and connects these lofty ideals with the new BIG 106.2 FM local FM station that recently began serving  Auckland City. It also draws heavily on private radio archives to which the Radio Heritage Foundation now increasingly has access.

Listeners will also enjoy visiting to see the very popular article ‘NZ Radio Dial 1978’ that features many of the stations in the documentary, with logos, station lists and expert commentary on the Kiwi radio scene that year.

‘New On the Air’ is part of the ongoing Kiwi Radio Campaign undertaken by the Radio Heritage Foundation that has now rescued thousands of items of radio ephemera from around the country.

(Resource: Radio Heritage Foundation)

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