7 Most Expensive Game Ever Sold


Most Expensive Game Ever Sold – Some old games were sold at high prices due to their rarity. There are also exorbitant priced due to the unproduced mass and difficult to find, usually this kind of type is sought after by video game collectors.

When the game is auctioned, prospective buyers are often tormented to raise their bids to get the game until the price can go up to exceed one’s income for a year. Here are the most expensive games ever auctioned at a fantastic price.

Most Expensive Game Ever Sold

Gamma Attack – USD 1000

Gamma Attack is an Atari 2600 console game developed by Gammation that has only produced one copy. Currently the game is owned by video game collector, Anthony DeNardo. The game was developed as a test object by the owner of Gammation to test the special Atari controllers sold by the company.

Gamma Attack was then sold, but eventually became a legend and questioned its existence.

After finding a working copy of the game, Anthony DeNardo sells it on the site of the eBay e-commerce for US $1,000 Although it is impossible that someone will buy it, but do not close the possibility of a game enthusiast or collector who is interested in bringing it.

Stadium Events

This 1987 console Game was made by Bandai which was quite popular in its time. You can only play this game on the Nintendo console. Although old, but some have ever sold this game at a very high price on eBay for a price of 2.500 USD to 41977 USD.

Not only the games are expensive, even only buy game boxes can be priced at $10,000. However, because it is rarely and very difficult to find, it is no wonder that the Stadium Events game is so expensive.

Air Raid

The next Most Expensive Game Ever Sold is Air Raid.

Based on the narrative from moneyinc.com, Air Raid sold for 33433 USD in\2010 ago. Not a cheap price of course, but compared with the limited goods that exist.

In brief, Air Raid itself is a shooting game made by Men-A-Vision for Atari. The legendary one, if you look at the back side of the game box, it will be seen writing about the story description of the Air Raid games. It is also a unique attraction for people who want to have Air Raid.

Super Mario Bros – US $ 114,000

One of the most recent cases in the sale of video games at a fantastic price happened recently on July 10, 2020 where a copy of Super Mario Bros to NES that still sealed was sold in auctions for US $114.000. What makes a very high value is a special seal that is still attached to the product.

This copy of Super Mario Bros is sealed in the special packaging used when Nintendo is still conducting marketing tests in New York City and Los Angeles. The packaging design was not longer used by Nintendo companies because it was rated inefficient. However, this causes a copy of Super Mario Bros to be very rare and unique compared to all other copies.

Echoing Fury Mace – Diablo III

The player who finds this drop item sells it for $250), and has been traded many times. In the end, a gamer realizes how valuable Echoing Fury Mace – Diablo III, then sells it for $14,000.

King of Fighters 2000 Neo Geo – $4000 – $5850

This one game was created for the Neo-Geo games console which is famous in the 90’s and became a highly sought-after gaming console, as Neo-Geo is only sold in certain countries.

Then the King of Fighters was the 7th of a series of fighting games that began in 1994.

Manufactured by SNK and released just before they went bankrupt and there are only 100 copies of this game confirmed in the world.

It is what makes this game very unique and rare.


Those who are experienced in the history of video games may know the copyright case of Tetris. For those who do not know, the original maker of Tetris does not have the copyright to their own game because the game was created in the Soviet that makes Tetris belong to the government. At its peak, Sega made their own version of Tetris, but was ordered to be destroyed because it was considered illegal.

But apparently there is still a full copy of the version of Tetris. This Game is also signed by the creator of Tetris Guy, Alexey Pakitnov. The owner then allows him on eBay at a price of US $1 million. Due to the scarcity and the history behind it, many people want this game in their collection, but the prices are set too heavy for them.

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