Kompetisi Jurnalis 2014 Deutsche Welle

MEDIA MONITORING CLUB – DW membuka kesempatan bagi Anda untuk menghadiri Global Media Forum di Bonn, Jerman.

Anda jurnalis online, cetak atau TV? Kirimkan liputan Anda untuk mengikuti DW Journalist Competition 2014 yang digelar bersama Indovision dan raih kesempatan mendapatkan pengalaman berharga menghadiri Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum di Bonn, Jerman.

Select from the following topics for participation

All submissions must mention in text and/or visual of DW


Topic 1:

Choose two of these TV programs on DW channel as your feature submission.

Euromaxx – European lifestyle

Kick Off! – Bundesliga Highlights & Countdown

Shift – digital &internet trends

Global 3000 – world issues

Journal – Daily News Bulletin


Your story should include not only a review of the programs but how your selected program impacts Indonesian Viewers – ideas, thoughts, trends.


Topic 2:

Facing Global Challenges: The Role of the Media


Just a blink of the eye in world history, the 40-year existence of the Internet has been revolutionary, its impact comparable to the invention of the printing press nearly 600 years ago.

The World Wide Web has become a societal foundation for global communications, economics, science and politics. And it has increasingly opened the doors for millions of people to take part in the world well beyond their immediate communities. The digital era has opened vast opportunities, but it also poses risks. Internet abuse takes many forms, such as cyber crime, and combating it is a challenge to both policy makers and business.??Once primarily a one-way street, “the information highway” has since about the turn of the century developed into a truly interactive medium. People can go online to create and co-shape social and political movements, forcing “conventional” media to consistently rethink and revitalize the ways they perceive, address and engage their audiences. More participation, social action and public interest in political decision-making is democratizing news and societies. What does this mean for media reporting, public opinion-making and forms of governance? And how do they impact each other in the ways they operate?

Your submission should include your comment/report on DW’s role as an international media powerhouse.

Kompetisi Jurnalis 2014 Deutsche Welle 1

Period of Competition: Three (3) Months

Starts 22nd January 2014 18:00 until 22nd April 2014, 18:00

Entries received after 18:00 on 22nd April 2014 will not be accepted


Method of Entry

TV Media

  1. Language: English or Bahasa Indonesia
  2. Duration of feature story: Not more than 10 minutes and not less than 7 minutes. Must have been aired at least ONCE on Indonesian Television Channels whether local or national, during the period of competition.
  3. Proof of Broadcast:  Provision of broadcast schedule and a recording of the broadcast on TV with on-screen TV Channel logo. The format for submission shall be DVD or  MPEG 2/4 file on thumb drive or hard disk.
Attn: Siti Fauziah (DW Journalist Competition 2014)
Wisma Indovision, 8th floor
Jl. Raya Panjang Blok Z/III, Green garden
Jakarta Barat – 11520, Indonesia
note: (Please include ID copy of sender)

Print Media / Online Media

  1. Language: English or Bahasa Indonesia
  2. Feature story shall be not less than 5,500 characters.
  3. Must have been published in Indonesian Print Media: Newspaper, Magazine or Tabloid (National or Local), during the period of competition for Print Media.
  4. Must have been published in Indonesian Online Media, during the period of competition for Online Media.
  5. Print Media – Proof of Publishing: Hard copies of the Print Media must accompany the entry besides a scanned copy of the feature story.
  6. Online Media – Proof of Publishing: Feature story must be emailed along with an active URL link.
  7. Entries must be submitted via email to Puji: ,   include the cover date on the issue in which the article appears, and a scanned copy of your ID.
  8. File size not more than 2 Gb (when file size exceeded, please send it partially).

Rules of Governing the Prize

  1. Entry is open to professional journalists who are either employed by accredited news organizations or publications, on a part-time or full-time basis.
  2. Freelance and independent professional journalists may also participate.  This refers to writers who are not employed by news organizations, and their articles are published in widely recognized news portals, community publications, or self-published on personal blogs.
  3. Entries must have been published in Indonesian territory or online during the period of competition.
  4. The participants are divided into 2 categories (i) Print Media & Online Media, (ii) Television/Video Media.
    1. For Print and Online Media, the participant is the individual journalist who qualifies to be JURY selected as a Finalist of the Competition.
    2. For TV/Video Media, the Participation shall be in groups of 3 persons including the Journalist.  The Journalist shall be the Representative as the JURY selected Finalist.
  5. There will be 5 JURY selected Finalists from each category i.e. 5 Individuals for Print and Online Media and 5 Groups of 3 represented by a Journalist for the TV/Video category.
  6. The finalists including all members of the Finalist Teams in the TV/Video category, shall be required to attend the DW Journalist Workshop followed by Award Ceremony/Announcement of Winner on 7th May 2014.

Finalists from outside Jakarta will have to consider their flight and accommodation at their own expense.

  1. The Finalists will be the actual Publishers of the story and may not be represented by others.
  2. All Finalists including all members of the winning crew from TV/Video category shall be awarded USD 100 per person, a Workshop Certificate and DW Souvenir.
  3. There will be ONE Winner from each Category – 2 winning Journalists in total.  The award winners will each receive :

Return Economy Air Ticket from Jakarta-Bonn and 4 days/ 3 nights accommodation in Bonn, Germany.

  1. (ii) Euro 400 per person
  2. (iii) Participation in the Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany from 30th June to  2nd July 2014
  1. The prizes must be taken as offered, and cannot be redeemed, non-transferable.
  2. Winners are responsible for their local fiscal tax, International passport, visa, and travel documents where applicable.
  3. The Winners will be required to produce at least ONE news article for their trip to Bonn, Germany (Ticket and accommodation provided from Jakarta  to Bonn- Germany , winners outside Jakarta should consider their flight and accommodation to Jakarta on their own expenses).
  4. DW and Indovision reserve the right to rebroadcast the news article from the winners produced during their trip to Bonn, Germany at any time.
  5. The judges’ decision is final, and no further correspondence on their decision will be entertained.

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