Japan Prize 2009: CrossMedia Forum

The CrossMedia Forum is a place to experience the latest educational media and to meet media professionals from around the world.

With the purpose of improving the quality of educational content and of fostering international cooperation and understanding, JAPAN PRIZE invites not only TV program producers but also all educational media professionals worldwide to participate and offers many learning opportunities for people engaged in media and education. Participants are able to exchange opinions, to network with people from various cultures and industries, to learn more about the world’s trends and situations of educational media and to learn techniques and applications through presentations by finalists and screening sessions.

*No registration/participation fees are necessary.

Japan Prize 2009: CrossMedia Forum Main events

CrossMedia Session

The CrossMedia Session is an event related to the Audiovisual Division. In the Audiovisual Division, not only linear content (TV programs, videos, movies), but also websites, games, and other interactive media are evaluated. Such entries of different media are presented by theme in order to compare educational effectiveness in techniques and applications among the entries.

TV Series Screening & Discussion

The TV Series Division Screening & Discussion features screening of an episode from a series followed by a discussion. Unlike the CrossMedia Session, the importance of educational effects broadcast in TV series is discussed with invited moderators who are TV producers with extensive knowledge.

Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts invites key persons from Japan and abroad to discuss the latest issues regarding educational media. More information will be available in due course.


Seminars by professionals from a variety of fields will be held. More information will be available in due course.

Who Can Participate?

  1. Producers, directors, creators, and educators from organizations such as broadcasting services, independent production companies, educational institutions, and authorized NPOs
  2. Those who are related to #1, for example, salespeople, technicians, public affairs staff and people in charge of planning and development
  3. Researchers in educational media
  4. Undergraduate and graduate students who are considering entering the field of educational media in the future
  5. Anyone who conducts activities not related to the purpose of the JAPAN PRIZE Crossmedia Forum, which is to contribute to the improvement of educational media through cooperation and exchange among participants, or causes undue disturbance to others, may be asked to leave the forum and/or will be declined entry in the future.


Advance registration is required. The deadline is September 30. For those who need a visa to enter Japan, the deadline is August 31.



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(Source: NHK World)

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