How To Wash Black Clothes To Keep From Fading With 6 Easy Tips


Black clothes are timeless, easy to mix and match and make the appearance look elegant. But sometimes black clothes quickly fade and get dirty, especially when you don’t know how to wash black clothes to keep from fading.

Black clothes will look more attractive when they have a solid color. So, To maintain that color, make sure you follow some of the following tips on How to wash black clothes to keep from fading.

How to wash black clothes to keep from fading

1. Wash Black Clothes As Needed

Washing clothes too often makes it easy to damage, especially black clothes because it makes the color look not as thick as before. So, Avoid washing black clothes too often and wash them when necessary.

For example, when you wear a sweater or pants, you can wear it four to five times depending on the activity. So it doesn’t need to be washed too often, unless the black clothes are underwear or T-shirts after you’ve been through a sweaty day.

2. Separate Black Clothes from Other Colors

Just like when you wash white clothes, black clothes also need the same treatment. Separate black clothes from other colors so that no other colors are absorbed in black clothes. Also separate by weight and material of clothes to make washing them easier.

3. Turn Black Clothes When Washing and Drying

Don’t forget also, when washing black clothes, you need to turn them over first because this will be useful to reduce erosion on the outer surface of the clothes. In the end, the outer fibers of clothing are not easily damaged by friction.

Likewise, when drying it, because sunlight can make black clothes fade easily. Well, when you flip it first, the color on the outside of the clothes will be safer.

4. Wash in Cold Water and Special Detergent

Washing black clothes should use cold water to keep the color of the clothes looking new. Avoid washing using warm water except under certain conditions because warm water can fade the color of the clothes and even make them shrink.

Likewise with the choice of detergent. There are many detergents that are friendly to dark clothes so you just have to find the right detergent for black clothes.

5. Add Vinegar to the Rinsing Process

If needed, you can wash clothes by adding a glass of vinegar to the rinse process. Vinegar is able to maintain the color of clothes by removing soap and detergent residue that often makes black clothes look dull after washing. Even vinegar can also protect clothes from mold and bad odors.

6. Avoid drying black clothes in direct sunlight

Not only do you need to flip clothes when drying them, you have to avoid black clothes in direct sunlight because sunlight is the biggest enemy of dark clothes. The color will easily fade and look dull when you dry it directly.

Those are some tips that need to be applied when you want to wash black clothes or other dark colors so that they stay solid like new. Good luck!