5 Tips on How to Clean Junk Files on PC or Laptop

Tips on How to Clean Junk Files on PC or Laptop – In this post, I want to write something about ‘junk’. Yes, surely in life we certainly do not escape with what is called garbage.

Even the most complicated problem faced by mankind is garbage, it is not only present on the surface of the Earth, it is also in the oceans, and even in space.

But, what I want to discuss here is not the garbage, but the garbage that is on the computer or PC that we use everyday.

The name is also something used must cause garbage, but the garbage that is on our computer is not everything tangible and smelly, but just a few traces of cache and files.

There are three kinds of junk files that we must diligently clean, namely:

  1. Temporary files, containing residual files from some applications that have been uninstalled
  2. File Cache, traces of temporary files that you have opened
  3. Files that are in the Recycle Bin, containing files that we delete but completely have not deleted, to delete them permanently, then you must delete them from the Recycle Bin.

However, if all these junk files we never clean, then the effect will affect the performance of our computer itself, as a result our computer loading takes a long time.

How to Clean Junk Files on PC Without Software (Windows 7-10) Using Run Function

  • First open Run on your computer by pressing the key combination Windows+R.
  • Then the Run window will open, type %temp% and then press Enter or Ok.
  • Next we will be taken to a directory where the application’s temporary files are stored. Then delete all those files.
  • There may be some files and folders that can’t be deleted, this is due to the process of some applications running in the background. For that just choose skip.
  • After deleting the application’s temporary files, next we also need to delete the temporary Windows files.
  • To open Run again, type temp and press Ok or Enter.
  • After that we will be taken to the temporary directory on Windows. Delete all the files it contains, then exit.
  • Temporary files that we have deleted before are not immediately deleted, but instead moved to the Recycle Bin or trash can.
  • For that please clean the Recycle Bin by right-clicking recycle bin -> Empty Recycle Bin.
  • Done, now your computer is cleaner and lighter than ever.

How to clean junk file on PC via DIsc Cleanup (Windows 10)?

How to clean junk files on windows 10 laptop can use this method. There are two ways you can use it.

The First Way

  • On the search feature on the laptop type Disk Cleanup.
  • You’ll see a built-in Windows Disk Cleanup app later. Open the app.
  • You’ll be prompted to select Drive.
    Select Drive C because there are the most junk files on the drive.
  • All junk files will appear. Make sure the entire file is checked.
  • Click Ok to delete. Finished.

The Second Way

  • Open File Explorer. Click This PC.
  • Right-click on Drive C – > Properties.
  • The Drive Properties window opens.
  • You’ll see a Disk Cleanup button. Click the button.
  • Click OK. Finished.

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How to delete junk files on PC Using Software

The next way is to use the software. Some examples of software that you can use are as follows.


This application is quite powerful to use as a well-known junk cleaning software on The Windows Operating System. With this software, you can clean the junk files on your computer quickly and precisely. Examples include how to remove cache on chrome PC, or how to fix a slow laptop. You can also use this Ccleaner on its official website.

Glary Utilities

The next application you can use is Glary Utilities. This application has 5 main functions that you can use, namely clean and repair, optimize, privacy and security files and folders, and also system tools. These features can clean junk files that settle on your PC or laptop.

Slim Cleaner

The next application that can be a mainstay named Slim Cleaner. This application can also be used to uninstall programs that we do not want. This is certainly very easy for us in cleaning any unused applications with file garbage.

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