8 Easy Tips – how to choose a watch that suits you

Watches have become a mandatory accessory for everyone. Not only for the complement of time, but the watch has also become an everyday appearance. Choosing a watch according to appearance is important so as not to make your appearance so uncool. Well, here is How To Choose A Watch That Suits You. Check out the info below!

How To Choose A Watch That Suits You

Bright skin

For those of you watch fans who have bright skin, then there is no limit to choosing a watch. Because the owners of bright skin are free to choose a watch either dark color, bright color, or soft color. All colors will be suitable for use by the owner of bright colors. However, dark and bold colors such as red, black, dark blue, or brown will look better because of the contrast with bright skin color.

Dark-colored watch for tan skin

For those of you women who have a mature or brown skin color, a dark colored watch is the one that best matches the color of your skin.

If you are a woman who likes a watch with leather straps, you can choose a watch that is brown, black, or gray. This leather strap will also make you look more classy, you know.

Meanwhile, if you have a more masculine style, and like to wear a watch with stainless steel material, you can choose a golden color or rose gold to look like your skin color.

Dark skin

For those of you who have an exotic skin color avoid to use light colored watches such as yellow, pink, or light green. This color will tend to contrast with the color of your skin. Also avoid dark or dark brown! It is safer to choose a watch with a soft color such as beige or light gray.

Medium skin color

Well, for those of you who have a medium skin color, you can be more free in choosing the color of the watch you know! You can also experiment with different models of the shape and color of the watch. But, still fit your clothes, and type of activities!

Adjust to the shape and size of the hands

The next tips on choosing the watch that you must pay attention to. Yes, not all watch models will match the shape and size of your hands. As a guide, choose a watch with a small shape and a thin strap if your wrist is fairly small. Similarly, for those who have wrists containing, balanced shapes, models, and watch straps with a large size as well.

Different activities, different watches

The next tips on choosing a watch, do not forget to match type with your daily activities. For example, avoid using elegant luxury leather watches to wear to exercise or just shop in the supermarket.

Choose the right model

Being one of the fashion items that can support the appearance, in choosing a watch, you also have to adjust the right model! Match the model of watch you will wear to the event you will go to. For example, if you are going to a formal event like going to the office or a wedding, a classic or vintage model could be the right choice. But if you choose a casual appearance that tends to be sporty, of course the sporty model becomes the right choice.

Look at the strap material

For those of you who want to look different and memorable at every moment, choosing strap material is also something that needs to be considered. For example, you can use a strap with leather material for a casual everyday look. As for the strap made of stainless steel, suitable for use for the look with an elegant luxurious impression. While strap made of canvas fabric is very suitable to be used to display a casual and sporty impression. In addition to being important to give an impression in your appearance, choosing strap ingredients is also important to avoid possible allergies!

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