Hard Rock FM

ard Rock FMHard Rock FM announces itself as a “Lifestyle & Entertainment Station”.
In line with this statement, Hard Rock FM always features the latest trends among its listeners. Be it the latest fashion news, various popular sport activities, or web information. As an Entertainment Station, Hard Rock FM tries to update the listeners with new-movie information, the latest issues in music business, hot gossips around, and other related issues happening around the city.

Audience Call : Hard Rockers
Station Identity : Radio Antar Nusa Djaja
Frequency : 87.6 MHz


Age : 20 – 30 years old
Socialite People : Pleasure seeking, like to socialize, self-confident,Versatile, impulsive.
S.E.S : Middle-Upper Class
Identity : YIFFIES (Young, Individualistic, Freedom-minded & View)

Lifestyle and social changes have dramatically influenced the motivation, needs, and desires of youth over the past three decades, carving out three groups since the early 1970’s. The F.L.Y.E.R.S: Fun-loving Youth En Route to Success, Generation X, and now, what we like to call ´The Carpe Diem´ way of living.

Carpe Diem, as we all know, refers to “seize the day“. In other words, live life to the fullest and to the extent to maximize your happiness. Equipped with snazzy suits, “top of the line“ accessories, stiletto heels, “what’s hot and what’s not“ hidden in each digital agenda and the latest technological gadget at hand, these young, talented, open-minded, easy-to-bore individuals with high profile jobs and a certain craving for anything new in life make one essential “clique“. This clique is their listeners.

Their listeners are the latest generation wiser and more dynamic than the preceding ones, making them, undoubtedly, for they know the true meaning of “work hard, spend hard and play hard“. They are the Socialite People* who never miss a trend, meeting, social gathering nor a bash. Yes, they earn money hard and spend it hard, thus not only making this generation a “carpe diem“ one, but also a carpe P.M. > seize the night baby!!!

This is a special greeting for all Hard Rock FM listeners, among the other lines like “OK…”, “What’s Up…”, “Wicked…”, “Party On…”, “…Rocks”, “ Rock ‘n Roll Hard Rockers..!” or “Have a Hard Rockin’ Day..!”.

Music is Hard Rock FM’s main presentation. 24 hours of music rotation in Hard Rock FM, there are songs which were, are, or will be hits. In other words, we cover yesterdays’, todays and future hits.

Hard Rock FM is mainstream music, Hard Rock FM is indie, Hard Rock FM is rock ‘n roll, Hard Rock FM is alternative, Hard Rock FM is R&B, Hard Rock FM is acid jazz, Hard Rock FM is techno, electronic, pop, funk, electronic, also anything and everything that make your ears tingle with sensation. Hard Rock FM is POP CROSS-OVER

Pop Cross-Over means a mixture of Hot Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Hits Radio, Mainstream, Modern Rock and other kinds of music. If there is a question “What’s the color of Hard Rock FM’s music?”, then the answer would be “We are pop music cross-over, we are pop cross-over radio…!”


Hard Rock FM programs present characters of radio personalities with various program insertions. There are “Entertainment Info”, “Hot News”, “Auto News”, “Sports Rock”, “Info Techno”, “On Fashion”, “To Health Info”, “Movie Spotlight”, “Music Spotlight”, and many more.

There are two primary dockets in their daily program, “Good Morning Hard Rockers Show” daily Monday to Friday from 6-10 AM and “Drive ‘N Jive” daily Monday to Friday from 4-9 PM.

Special Program is another format of Hard Rock FM’s broadcast with more details such as “Hard Rock Top 41” – their sassy international chart show, “10 KITA (Karya Indonesia Ter-Atas)” – the best Indonesian chart, “Soundtraxx”, “Powder Room”, “Provocative Proactive”, “9 To Midnight Request”, “PARANOIA (Party At No Limitation)”, “HRFM’S Dance Party Session” and more, including syndication programs. We also have a new special program called Rock of The Rings (Ring Tone Chart Show) which is introduce a new radio format to the audience where they can interact and d*wnload music content onto their mobile phones. This will be the first of its kind in Indonesia.

Hard Rock FM DJs are just like their listeners. They are today’s young generations: Active, Innovative, Energetic, sophisticated, fresh, and Trendsetters. They represent the image of the first Hard Rock FM radio station in the world.

In line with its business to promote the clients’ needs, Hard Rock FM also features other services.

Production House
Some clients say they don’t promote through radio simply because they don’t have any radio spots or even do not know how to create it. Why should it matter? We can help you produce it! With talented people who have experiences in radio broadcast in its task force, Hard Rock FM will interpret client’s promotional plan to get the best impacts. What’s more, the service does not only include spot production, but also insertion programs and radio programs.

Research and Development
In the old days, we used to spend a lot of time positioning one station against the other. Now, radio can devote more time for the needs of the clients, and talk about benefits of the station rather than merely comparing one station to another. Successful stations now require every presentation to contain qualitative information, and we will benefit the client with those information.

As part of their service to the client, Hard Rock FM has its own Research and Development Department. Managed by young professionals and experienced people, this department helps us in giving internal and external analysis of every product promoted in Hard Rock FM.

With the goals of meeting their client specific needs, we will show their client the result for every promotion-cent they have spent on Hard Rock FM..!

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