European Broadcasting Union (EBU)


European Broadcasting Union
European Broadcasting Union

The European Broadcasting Union is the largest association of national broadcasters in the world. They promote cooperation between broadcasters and facilitate the exchange of audiovisual content. The EBU works to ensure that the crucial role of public service broadcasters is recognised and taken into consideration by decision-makers.
The EBU’s supreme governing body, the General Assembly, meets twice yearly.

Promoting public service values
Europe’s public service broadcasters are different from other market players; they are committed to public service values. The EBU represents its Members on European Union audiovisual policy matters, ensuring that these values are well understood and taken into account by decision-makers. They are consulted by the European Institutions on a regular basis on all issues of concern to the audiovisual sector. They also work closely with the UN, UNESCO and their colleagues in the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU) to ensure that their voice is heard in the global debate on media policy.

Working for the future
In 1950 Europe’s public service broadcasters embarked on an adventure. They decided to invest in the future, in a new technology – television. They used a fragile infrastructure to bring pictures to audiences all over Europe. Today, the EBU continues to play a leading role in bringing Europe into the future. They are at the forefront of research and development of new media, and they have worked to help develop many new radio and TV systems: radio data system (RDS), digital audio broadcasting (DAB), digital video broadcasting (DVB), high-definition TV (HDTV). They promote open technical standards and interoperability for the benefit of broadcasters and consumers, and explore the opportunities presented by new technologies. They study digital technology for production and transmission and advise members on appropriate solutions.

Bringing the event to your home
The Eurovision and Euroradio networks, operated by the EBU, carry daily exchanges of programmes, music, sports events and news between Members, and other media players. Much of the foreign news featured on national news bulletins has passed through the control centre in Geneva. Unparalleled know-how ensures reliable, on-air delivery of any event, from Skiing World Championships, to concerts such as the Proms, and the Eurosonic rock and pop festival. Special events teams ensure production and transmission facilities for news and current affairs events, wherever they happen.

Helping Members access valuable and diverse content
The EBU helps its members to access high quality programming for radio and television, and works with them to develop content for new platforms. Radio activities are wide-ranging, from news and sport, to drama and classical music. They have obtained the radio broadcast rights for the entire season of the New York Metropolitan Opera (20 operas to 20 countries). Their television co-productions include, animation: Tom, drama: Henry Dunant – Red on the Cross, documentary: Democracy and of course they also run the Eurovision Song Contest, and its website. The EBU acquires sports rights on behalf of its Members, including the Olympic Games, the Football World Cup and the World Championships in Athletics.

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