5 Ear Health Tips: How to take good care of your ears


Ear Health Tips: How To Take Good Care Of Your Ears – The ear is one of the vital parts of the body. Therefore, we must know how to take care of ear health so that the condition is maintained. We don’t want our hearing to be disturbed.

With the dense daily activities, sometimes we are ignorant of ‘small’ things, such as maintaining ear health. Usually we only realize the importance of ear health when our ears have been impaired.

Ear disorders are caused by various things, such as ear injuries, earwax, tumors, birth/congenital defects, infections, drug effects, and many more.

That’s why, we must remember to pay attention to the health of the ears. Do not be late because ear problems can have an impact on our hearing.

There are several ways you can do to maintain the health of your ears.

Here are several ways to maintain ear health, which you can do.

Ear Health Tips: How To Take Good Care Of Your Ears

Clean the Earlobe Only

If you want to clean the ears, you should clean the outside or earlobe only because under normal circumstances, the ear has the ability to clean itself.

The shape of the ear is angular and there are fine hairs can keep the ear from the influx of excess dirt or dust. So, you do not need to clean up to the inside, just the earlobe.

However, if the dirt is felt to have accumulated or clog and hearing has begun to be disturbed, you should not clean or pick it yourself. Check your ears to a specialist in an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) to get the right treatment.

Avoid Using Cotton Buds

Cleaning your ears with cotton buds is a bad habit. Cotton buds can make cerumen (earwax) pushed into the deep ear canal. If the dirt settles for too long, the dirt can harden in the ear canal.

Cotton buds are also prone to being left in the ear canal so that it can clog the eardrum and result in reduced hearing.

Cotton buds should be used to clean the earlobe only. Dirt around the ear canal is actually needed to protect the ear, including removing dust from the outside so as not to enter the ear.

In addition, avoid cleaning the ears using your fingers or other objects.

Avoid using earphones

The use of earphones for a long time can interfere with hearing, especially for those of you who have a habit of listening to music using earphones on the street or before going to bed.

Preferably, set the time of use of earphones by using them less than an hour, and when using earphones do not use volume that is too loud.

Avoid being in a noisy environment.

Too often being in a noisy environment can make the hearing organ deaf.

If forced to have to often or for a long time in a noisy environment, such as working in a factory, you should use ear protection so that later the hearing organs are not disturbed.

Check your ears to the doctor.

The last way to maintain ear health is to visit an ENT specialist. For children should be once every six months, while older persons, if there are no anatomical abnormalities or ear structures and are in good health, can have their ears checked once a year.

If there are symptoms or ear disorders that are not clear the cause, you should immediately consult your complaint to an ENT specialist.

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