Cook Islands Radio – RNZI Radio Heritage Documentary

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RNZI Radio Heritage Documentary

A new Radio Heritage documentary exploring the history of radio in the Cook Islands can be heard as audio on demand from RNZI for the Mailbox program of February 8 2009 at

This special documentary covers early broadcasting in the 1940’s and 50’s right through until today, looks at the difficulties involved with providing radio service to 2.2 million square kilometers of the South Pacific from a population base of less than 20,000, and is accompanied by traditional Cook Islands music.

You’ll learn about the new outer island radio network, hear a rare station ID from TK3ANA, excerpts from Radio Cook Islands, Matariki FM and Radio Ikurangi KCFM including station IDs, jingles, local adverts  and music, and other program highlights.

This is a rare glimpse into what radio on Rarotonga really sounds like, and you’ll also enjoy visiting to read the article ‘ZK1ZA Cook Islands’ which tells the story of early radio from these islands in the South Pacific.

‘Cook Islands Radio’ is part of an ongoing series of radio heritage documentaries covering the islands of the Pacific, often featuring exclusive audio recorded locally and drawing heavily on private radio archives to which the Radio Heritage Foundation now increasingly has access.

(Resource: Radio Heritage Foundation)

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