Best Kingdom Hearts Games Recommendations That You Can Try

23 | Best Kingdom Hearts Games – Maybe you are familiar with this one game recommendation, the combination of Final Fantasy style with Disney characters is the right word to describe Kingdom Hearts. This MMORPG game will take you on a unique adventure, later you as a character from Earth enter the Disney Universe.

However, there are so many Kingdom Hearts games that have been released and it might make you confused if you are new to this game. That’s because each Kingdom Hearts game has a different and continuous storyline. So, you don’t have to play this game sequentially.

Therefore, so as not to bother choosing which game to play. Here is a list of the best Kingdom Hearts games that will take you on an exciting adventure in the Disney Universe.

Best Kingdom Hearts Games

1. Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts 2 is one of the best Kingdom Hearts games that you must play the first time. That said, this game adds some interesting content that you must try while maintaining the other fun content that already exists. This is also what makes Kingdom Hearts 2 the most perfect game.

According to fans, Kingdom Hearts 2 is a type of Kingdom Hearts that has easy and simple controls. There are no complicated and difficult game controls for players. So, for those of you who have just tried this game, you will immediately be able to fight and use special skills to defeat the enemy.

2. Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a combination of all the fun that was in the first and second Kingdom Hearts. So, there will be old features in previous games that you might know and a lot of new features such as skills and abilities that add to the excitement of this game.

In addition, for those of you who follow the Kingdom Hearts story, then this game is the finale of the Xehanort Saga. Later you will become Sora, who is adventuring in the world of Disney. The graphics are pleasing to the eye, the fresh look and the latest features make Kingdom Hearts 3 the game with the best visuals in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

3. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

The unique thing about this game is that Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the only Kingdom Hearts game released on the PSP. Birth by Sleep tells the story before the events of the first Kingdom Hearts game. There are three holders Keyblades, namely Terra, Aqua, and Ventus.

These three are the strongest Keyblade users. They were summoned when two worlds collided with each other and caused a catastrophe. Birth by Sleep is the best Kingdom Hearts spin-off game ever. With a new storyline that was quite fresh at the time, it’s no wonder this game was very liked by people in its day..

4. Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is the first game in the Kingdom Hearts Franchise to be released on the PlayStation 2. The success of the first game is quite unexpected. However, with the JRPG genre and a unique storyline. Make people curious to play this game.

The first game is quite simple, you will be Sora, who is sucked into a black hole and transported to the world of Disney to save your friends. There, you will meet Goofy and Donald Duck who will help you on your adventure. Kingdom Hearts will meet you with original Disney characters from the 90s.

5. Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage

Prior to the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, there was a bit of confusion at the end of the Xehanort Saga. Therefore, A Fragmentary Passage is a Kingdom Hearts game which is the final compilation of Xehanort Saga which will lead to Kingdom Hearts 3 as the conclusion of Sora’s journey.

For that, if you want to complete the collection of Kingdom Hearts games, then you are obliged to play this game. A Fragmentary Passage has very good graphics for its time, interesting combat controls and an exciting storyline. Unfortunately, the storyline is too short as a compliment.

6. Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories

Basically, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Memory is remade from the game Kingdom Hearts Chain Memory. Even so, Re: Chain Memory is still worth playing. With better visuals, a smoother and more pleasant soundtrack and new additional features will make you curious to play this game.

Unfortunately, this game may not be enough to make you want to play it. It’s because Re:Chain of Memory has remade. So, no additional storylines and new stories exist. However, if you have never played Chain of Memory, then you are obliged to immediately play this game.

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7. Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded is one of the best Kingdom Hearts games with a fairly low rating. This game was released on Nintendo DS and comes from a mobile game game that was released specifically in Japan. Even so, this game is a complement to the storyline of Kingdom Hearts 2, so it is quite feasible for you to play.

After Sora’s adventures in Kingdom Hearts 2, they embarks on another adventure in a journal that suffers from inconsistencies. So, they must enter the journal. Despite having a low rating, Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded is one of the best Kingdom Hearts games on the Nintendo DS.

The storyline in Kingdom Hearts is a little confusing. Sometimes one game with another game has nothing to do at all. For that, you just need to play the recommendations for the best Kingdom Hearts games above to understand the outline of the Kingdom Hearts story.