8 Best Apps To Reduce Stress


Best Apps To Reduce Stress – Meditation is indeed one of the most appropriate options to reduce stress. Usually this meditation can be done while yoga, in a sports studio. But because it is still a pandemic, it feels uncomfortable stay for a long time in a closed room. Want to meditate online also feels less maximal, because there are just connection disorders during meditation.

Then, is there a solution for us, people who need meditation to reduce stress? There really is and this is relatively cheap and safe. Now there are many applications that you can download, which offers a variety of meditation methods, ranging from beginners to advance ones.

One application that you may be familiar with is Calm, considering that these apps often appear on YouTube. Basically, Calm provides the sounds of waves and raindrops, which can help you to focus on meditation. But in addition to this app, there are other apps that have fun features to reduce your stress.

Best Apps To Reduce Stress

7 Second Meditation

The app, which is only available in the App Store for free, will only take seven seconds of the 24 hours you have each day. The app was developed by Kim Townsend, a scientist working at University College London.

The way the app works is very easy, with one touch, you’ll be reminded to take a deeper breath and reflect on 3 things you can be grateful for that day for seven seconds.

With this simple way of working, you can do seven seconds of musings every day and guaranteed you’ll become a more relaxed and full of positive thoughts, as well as be a grateful person.

Headspace (Android & iOS)

Headspace is suitable for beginners who want to practice meditation. This app introduces the basics of meditation. There are 10 free sessions for mommies who want to try meditation for the first time, consisting of three, five and 10 minutes.

Calm (Android & iOS)

A meditation app that provides the sound of the waves, the atmosphere of the forest, and the soothing raindrops. There is a guide to mommies doing “21 days of tranquility”, applying it in everyday life.

Simple Habit (Android & iOS)

Interestingly, this app has the tagline “stress relief for busy people.” Menus that mommies can take advantage of include:

  • 5 minutes On-the-Go Meditations
  • 2,000+ Meditations for Any Problems, one of which is Reduce Work Anxiety
  • Sleep Better
  • Improve Focus
  • And others.

What’s Up?

What’s Up? – Mental Health App provides two kinds of therapies, in addition to journals and light games.

What’s Up is an app that tackles anxiety, stress, depression, and negative thoughts through cognitive behavioral therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy. In addition, there is a journal option so you can shed your feelings and simple games to play in times of stress.


Based on the micro – diary, Daylio becomes a daily journal that is working quickly and accompanied by evaluation charts.

This app is perfect for those of you who want to have a daily journal, but never manage to write a long note. This is because Daylio is a micro-diary based application. You can record daily impressions quickly, then you can track them in a mood tracker and evaluate them through monthly charts.

Smiling Mind (Android & iOS)

What sets Smiling Mind apart from similar apps – designed for children and teenagers. But older persons can use it. The meditation program is divided by age, 7-11 years. If your child at home is having problems with his emotions, maybe mommies can meditate with J.

InsightTimer (Android & iOS)

There are over 25 thousand meditation programs that mommies can get for free, with a service using 30 languages. The most used are meditation: Sleep, Stress, Anxiety, Relax, Confidence, Happiness, Love, Focus, Motivation and Depression.

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