Benefits of Positive Affirmations, How To Choose It, and What To Do If It Don’t Work?


Positive affirmations are a way to help get some of those negativity out in the positive things we say to ourselves.

Benefits Of Positive Affirmations

Expressing positive words to yourself or positive affirmations turns out to have many benefits such as overcoming self-doubt and fear.

Positive affirmations every day can help us face the world with confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

So, it is very important to overcome the negative thoughts that sometimes take over and make us doubt ourselves.

How to choose positive affirmations?

There is no one way to practice positive affirmations. So, we have to figure out for ourselves which one feels right to us.

Here are some tips on practicing positive affirmations that are right for ourselves as follows.

Avoid toxic positivity

Applying positive affirmations in our lives does not mean denying the difficulties of our lives or the world around us.

Standing in front of a mirror and saying, ‘You’re amazing’ and ‘You’re beautiful,’ can feel very inauthentic.

Therefore, we should need to identify positive affirmations that acknowledge the reality of our current situation and try to encourage our own ability to develop.

Acknowledge difficulties

Positive affirmations must be tailored to the problems and concerns we face.

It is encouraging us to apply affirmations that acknowledge the difficulties we experience as well as reminding us when we have been successful.

Also remember that denial is not a healthy coping strategy. If, we just go through hard times as if they didn’t exist, those feelings will still hide beneath the surface and can weigh on us.

That affirmation should recognize that what’s happening right now isn’t ideal, but we can get through it like we’ve been through other difficult things.

Practice being positive

Like anything else, positive affirmations also require action. If you’re not used to saying it and don’t do it regularly, affirmations probably won’t make much difference in times of need.

If we want to start reducing the space for negative thoughts, we have to deliberately train positive thoughts.

According to a psychological concept called “survival of the busiest”, the thoughts we think about most are those rooted in our brains.

Therefore, practice is needed to push back our usual way of thinking.

Don’t give up

It may feel a bit strange standing in front of a mirror and saying nice things to yourself, but try to resist the temptation to give up.

For a negative thinker, it’s unrealistic to expect to be a positive thinker overnight.

So, be patient and give time to soak in, and feel normal to positive thinking.

Say it out loud to yourself.

Expressing positive affirmations loudly and greatness is the best way to start.

Sometimes, hearing something out loud has more impact than saying it in our minds.

Here are The ideas about when and how to say positive affirmations to ourselves:

  • Write positive affirmations on a note card and paste them throughout your home or room.
  • Keep those affirmations in the app on your phone so you can access them throughout the day.
  • Set a timer to remind yourself to see or repeat affirmations at the same time each day.

What to do if positive affirmations don’t work

Positive affirmations can help us persevere and stay confident in ourselves through difficult times.

But, if we can’t seem to shake off persistent feelings of doubt and low self-esteem, it may be time to talk to a mental health professional who can help us cope.

Life can sometimes be miserable and we can’t always change the cause of the stress that results in that misery.

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However, our way of thinking during those sad times can help us move forward.