ASEAN Youth Excursion 2016 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


For 100 Selected Participants

This activity is aimed specifically at young people aged 17-30 years who have a passion for the field ENTREPRENEURSHIP / SOCIAL PROGRAM community has / have expertise in the form of dance or attractions that can introduce LOCAL CULTURE and ready to become part of the ASEAN Economic Community.

1st Day : Check in (at KL Sentral), welcoming party and dinner ; PPI Malaysia & International Student Community.
2nd Day : Kuala Lumpur Market Research & Business Analysis. Group Presentation (About Market Research)
3rd DAY : ASEAN Economic Community Symposium at Malaysia University. Company Visit at Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre ( MaGIC).
4th Day : Malaysia Culture Show at Malaysia Tourist Centre (MaTiC). Gala Dinner and Closing Ceremony.
5th Day : Check Out.

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ASEAN Youth Excursion 2016 at Malaysia
ASEAN Youth Excursion 2016 at Malaysia


Association of South East Asian Nation, known as ASEAN, helps the member to communicate and cooperate in the social sector to solve some problems among the ASEAN countries. Economy also becomes one of the major problem in ASEAN right now, open market from western country makes ASEAN country wants to make an association which focus on what should ASEAN do to solve and strengthen economic power among ASEAN countries. Many supports as well as rejections from all sectors make all members worry about what will happen in the future. Technological problems, resources problems, educational problems, environmental problems, from small to medium entrepreneur’s problems are becoming the main topic to be discussed nowadays.

As a Youth among ASEAN countries we have responsibilities and rights to contribute and solve the problems that exist. Therefore, we want to create an Indonesia Youth Leader Alliance which will accommodate ideas from Indonesia youth and be a platform to exchange knowledge about leadership, entrepreneurship, and ASEAN Economic Community. Furthermore, they will enhance more understanding and knowledge about AEC and they will know what they need to be one as an ASEAN entity.


  • In order to provide strategic platform for ASEAN youth to learn and enhance concepts and understanding     about the ideation and real action that we need to do through discuss with some experts.
  • To meet ASEAN youth with government, university and entrepreneur from ASEAN countries to knowledge     them about how to become great leader and young entrepreneur success in order to support ASEAN             Economic Community.


“Connecting ASEAN Youth Leader to the World”
18-22 April 2016

1st· Airport Assist

· Check In (at KL Sentral)

· Welcoming Party at

Invitation : PPI Malaysia & International Student Community

9 am – 2 pm

2 pm – 5 pm


7 pm – 9 pm

2nd· Breakfast

· Kuala Lumpur Market Research & Business Analysis

· Group Presentation (About market research)

7 am – 8 am

10 am – 1 pm

3 pm – 5 pm

3rd· Breakfast

· ASEAN Economic Community Symposium at University Malaysia Company Visit

· Company Visit:

Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)

7 am – 8 am

10 am – 1 pm


3 pm – 5 pm

4th· Breakfast

· Malaysia Culture Show at Malaysia Tourist Centre (MaTiC)

· Gala Dinner and Closing Ceremony

7 am – 8 am

2 pm – 6 pm

7 pm – 9 pm

5th· Breakfast

· Check Out

8 am

11 am


  1.  Youth age 17 – 30 years
  2. Active Organization in Campus or Community
  3. Fill registration form at
  4. The result of selected participant will be announce by email or
  5. Registration fee Rp. 3.900.000 or USD 320, include 5 Days 4 Nights accomodation, meal, local transport at Kuala Lumpur. (Note : these cost do not include the aircraft)


ASEAN Youth Excursion 2016 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1

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